Hire a Demolition Contractor Before Renovating Your Home in Nashville, TN

Make new room for new projects! Our demolition contractor is ready to make your property look completely different and prepare it for the exciting new additions you wish to make. Living in the same home can get a little boring after a while, and we can help you bring new life to it. If you reside in Nashville, TN, and wish to bring down a few walls, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

Our Demolition Contractors Use Safety Equipment

Remove the Parts You Don’t Need

There are several reasons why you’d need a house demolition. Whether your current home is not up to your taste or you just need extra space to build an additional room, we are here for you. The best part is that we make sure that you have a mold and asbestos-free area! Since we have the necessary safety equipment, we can remove these components safely.

We can help you remove:

  • Cabinets
  • Interior walls
  • Flooring

Plan New Remodeling Projects

We Clean Afterward

Our demolition contractor will listen to your ideas and remove the walls that you don’t need. Free up some space and prepare your property for your next remodeling project! At Justice Environmental, LLC, we take great care to demolish and clean every surface after completing the job. We take pride in paying close attention to detail to deliver the best results in Nashville, TN. Schedule an appointment today and start renovating your house in no time.

Our Full Range of Services

Remove every harmful particle and residue.

Asbestos Testing & Remediation

Learn if your property is infested with mold.

Mold Testing & Remediation

Detect if your home has this hazardous chemical.

Lead Based Paint

Learn if your indoor air is safe to breathe.

Air Quality

Demolish walls before renovating projects.

Custom Demolition

Keep your office or home completely sanitized.

Covid-19 Disinfecting

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