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Dealing with potential asbestos in your Nashville property can be daunting and expensive. If you’re concerned about asbestos presence, waiting for an inspection can add unnecessary stress and delay. Furthermore, the cost of on-site sample collection by an asbestos removal contractor often escalates the overall expense of asbestos abatement in Nashville, TN.

Quick and Cost-Effective Asbestos Sampling

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At Justice Environmental, LLC, we offer an innovative solution to streamline your asbestos inspection and analysis process. By utilizing our Asbestos Bulk Sample drop-off service, you avoid the wait and extra fees associated with traditional asbestos surveys. Simply bring your suspected asbestos samples to our designated drop-off point. For just $50 per sample, we provide a comprehensive asbestos analysis, ensuring your peace of mind without the wait or the overhead costs of in-home sampling.

Preparing your sample is straightforward. Enclose your asbestos sample in a safe Ziploc bag, clearly labeled with the date and the specific location it was taken from (e.g., kitchen floor, wall, or ceiling). We recommend submitting materials such as linoleum flooring and glue, vinyl composition tiles and mastic, exterior siding, and roofing materials. Drop off your securely bagged sample at our mailbox at 6210 Meeks Rd. Franklin TN 37064.

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Don’t wait for hazards to escalate. If you suspect asbestos, act now to ensure a safer environment by availing of our asbestos services. Reach out to your trusted asbestos removal contractor at (615) 806-8393 for guidance or visit us in Nashville, TN, and take the first step towards a safer, asbestos-free space.

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