Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary services your remediation company offers?

We specialize in asbestos testing and remediation, mold testing and remediation, lead-based paint services, air quality testing, custom demolition, and Covid-19 disinfecting.

What is the importance of deep cleaning services in remediation?

Deep cleaning services ensure the removal of contaminants and provide a clean, safe environment. 

Can you explain the process of asbestos removal?

Asbestos removal involves safely eliminating asbestos-containing materials to prevent health risks.

Why is mold removal crucial for a healthy environment?

Mold removal is essential to eliminate mold growth, which can be harmful to health.

What services are included in lead paint services?

Our lead paint services cover testing and removal to address lead-based paint hazards.

How can air quality testing benefit my property?

Air quality testing identifies and helps address indoor air pollutants, ensuring a healthy environment.

Tell me more about your demolition services.

Our custom demolition services are tailored to safely and efficiently remove structures or materials.

Do you offer sanitization services in addition to Covid-19 disinfecting?

Yes, we provide comprehensive sanitization services, including Covid-19 disinfecting.

How does asbestos testing work, and why is it important?

Asbestos testing identifies asbestos-containing materials, crucial for safe removal and protection.

Can you explain the process of mold remediation services?

Mold remediation involves eliminating mold growth, preventing recurrence, and ensuring a clean environment.

What steps are involved in lead paint removal?

Lead paint removal includes thorough testing and safe elimination, mitigating health risks.

What distinguishes your air quality testing from others?

Our air quality testing uses advanced methods to identify pollutants and improve indoor air quality.

How do your custom demolition services benefit clients?

Our custom demolition services are tailored to specific needs, ensuring efficient and safe removal.

Can you provide references or case studies of past projects?

We maintain client confidentiality but can discuss past successes and experiences. Call us now to know more!

What is your approach to Covid-19 disinfecting, and why is it important?

Our Covid-19 disinfecting services follow guidelines to create a safe environment and reduce transmission risks.


Our Full Range of Services

Remove every harmful particle and residue.

Asbestos Testing & Remediation

Learn if your property is infested with mold.

Mold Testing & Remediation

Detect if your home has this hazardous chemical.

Lead Based Paint

Learn if your indoor air is safe to breathe.

Air Quality

Demolish walls before renovating projects.

Custom Demolition

Keep your office or home completely sanitized.

Covid-19 Disinfecting

Quickly assess asbestos with a bulk sample drop-off service.

Asbestos Bulk Sample Analysis Drop-Offs