Detect and Remove Lead Paint From Your Property in Nashville, TN

When living in an old home, there is always the fear of lead paint or other materials that were used back in that time. Lead is a hazardous chemical element that can cause great damage to vital organs, including the brain. Even moderate exposure can lead to seizures, learning disabilities, or behavioral problems. If you suspect there is lead paint in your property in Nashville, TN schedule an appointment.

Find Out If Your Home Is Covered With This Dangerous Chemical

Homes Built Before 1978 Require Attention

Don’t wait until the symptoms of lead poisoning start appearing! If you live in an old home, especially if it was built before 1978, you should get it tested immediately. Believe it or not, lead-based paint can still be found in millions of homes, most of the time under a number of layers of new paint. The real problem is when the paint starts deteriorating, peeling, chalking, or cracking. The particles can collect like dust in areas children have close contact with, like windows, doors, and porches.

We Have Specialized Equipment

Our Tests Are Accurate

At Justice Environmental, LLC, we have years of experience running tests to detect lead paint in homes in Nashville, TN. If the tests turn out to be positive, we also have the necessary equipment to remove every part of it. If you suspect your home has hidden layers of lead paint or you just want some peace of mind, reach out to us.

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